Consulting to make a difference in how we engage with one another.     


Are your staff and board on the same page when you talk about roles and responsibilities?  Develop a healthy structure that helps you to nurture relationships and thrive together to advance your mission.  

Do you have a clear mission and vision?  Use your minds and hearts to tap into the dynamism of your organization upon which you can create a long-range plan. 

Are you going through a transition with your executive director?  Be intentional about how you recruit leadership for that time-in-between to discern how you will move forward and avoid pitfalls.
Seekardia can help.

Nonprofits and Businesses

Are you concerned about workplace bullying?  Understand what bullying really is, how it differs from ordinary conflict, how to address it and what it can cost your organization if you don't.

Are you wondering how LGBTQ staff are experiencing your workplace?  Gain knowledge about ways to build a welcoming work environment.

Seekardia can help.

See more.  Perceive with your mind and heart.  

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